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The first solar powered internet café in Africa

The idea of using the solar rays for machines and other devices is already pretty old. But the great thing is that up to a few years ago nobody had ever tried to put this in reality. Probably, because the set up costs are too big and a single private or firm couldn’t afford the whole thing.

In fact, solar powered machines requires a pretty big expense. For this reason, Kenya (Africa) decided to invest in the solar tech project as a State and the results have been and still are very good.

In Kenya the first solar powered internet café can offer a fast internet connection to anyone who needs internet. Mostly young people or students who have to do researchers or simply check the email inboxes.

A solar powered internet café is a precious source in an African Country like Kenya  which has to improve and increase its potentialities. This important resource was given Kenya by the UK Charity Computer Aid, in the hope that an internet café could allow many people to step in a world which is more and more internet-addicted.

A project which can grow more and more

Actually, the solar powered internet café in Kenya opens the way to new studies and investments in this field. It could be also possible to build more solar tech buildings of different kinds and sizes. For example, a new solar powered lotto hall for all those who like to play lottery, both online or offline.

Actually, today playing online lotto is pretty more popular than 10 years ago and it’s thought to becomes even more popular at all levels in the next years.

The trend is to look at online resources as to goldmines for the future.

Lottery games can be today easily find in the web, just type “lotto” or “lottery games” or any other similar word and you will see many search results popping up from your browser.

You may feel embarrassed, so we suggest you to visit and you will also discover how funny, easy and intriguing playing lottery online may be.

New s on latest lotto draws, tips and info all at once and if you need further help, you can contact via mail or via live chat tool a nice and excellent customer service. This helping tool is 24/7 active and it will provide you with all the necessary info on how to ply and how to earn more.

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