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RS Fotos – A New Venture

This month I finally invested in a Canon (T3i) DSLR  which could provide a secondary angle for my videos, and help jump start my interest in Photography. As with many of my hobbies, I decided to create a dedicated website that would house my photos taken with my DSLR. Considering I have a common first and last name, finding a domain was probably one of the toughest steps to accomplish, but I finally was fortunicate to land, which is short for Robert Smith Fotos (another way for saying Photos).

Currently I am not 100% sure what direction I may take this new hobby. There is still a hand full of techniques I have to learn about DSLRs and photography, but I believe my experience with videography has given me an upper hand.

My style of photography will start out with scenic views, nature, and some commercial shots. Since my current location (Chattanooga, TN) is a mountainous area, it is full of oversights that look down at the city which makes it idea for scenic photography. In the future I plan to branch out into other styles of photography.

For those who are interested, I have placed some of my raw photos on Can Stock Photo available for download.

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