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General Overview

Currently, every month over at my solar website,, I give away a 5Watt professionally made solar panel. At times I have also given away more than one solar panel. There are two primary reasons I started these monthly contests.

1. For starters, I love giving back. I know if it was not for my YouTube subscribers, website visitors, and other supporters, I would not have gained all the other positives that came along with it. Those being, becoming a YouTube Partner, publishing a book on Amazon Kindle store, writing a solar book for several small companies, and more.

2. My second reason for starting these contests would be that I enjoy getting more individuals involved with learning more about solar energy. The more individuals we have focused on helping to keep our world a safe and healthy place, the better the outcome for our future here on planet Earth.

These are just a few reasons, but overall, I just enjoy helping others.

Contest Winner Videos

Several solar contest winners express how they feel about the contest and what they plan on doing with the solar panel they received from the contest.

Current Contest Winners

Winner Username Contest #
OneEyedCyberchicken 1
tradogg333 2
njoker555 3
shadowcloud143 4
combatwarrior420 5
Fearlessthinker 5
plightofminorities 6
Highjump44 6
supergokue1 7
gmluv9 8
savage1r 8
MrPico305 9
epicuniversal 10
ljredneck 11
usndv 12
cidvisions 13
DavidBWood3 14
cpboy100 15
ktisdale99 16
vicodinwolfe 17
Mrhorsetail 18
shartne 19
islaguy100 20
freddy44281 21
WinbookXL3 22
squidcrimedog 23
kaixinat 24
lucasearth 25
rstephens228 25
dancinglamb789 26
bobinmissouri 27
DuWayneOdom 28
blueridgemarine 28
rcharith93 29
Great5Elements 30
nadeemaia 31
coffeespookie 32
dlmcbm 33

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