CD Lamp


I decided to build a small CD lamp using 4 standard LEDs, some leftover CDs my job no longer wanted, a few components from Lowes, and some basic items around the house. I completed this CD lamp for under $15. The list of items used can be found in the parts list below.

CD Lamp Photo Gallery:

Important Files:

-Google Sketchup (SCRCELM) 3D Model Drawing File


Parts List:

Parts List Last Updated On: Dec. 20, 2011

Part Location
21 CDs Already on hand
6x Long Hex Bolts
200x Washers
4x Blue LEDs eBay
2x 100ohm Resistors Already on hand
Copper Wire (Red/Black wire) Already on hand
Wire Connectors (large enough to fit over hex bolts) Already on hand
Electric Switch Already on hand
Black Spray Paint (Optional) Already on hand
Base for CD Lamp Already on hand
Top lid for CD Lamp Already on hand
Base Stand (I used some door seals, cut up) Already on hand
Drill Press Already on hand
Drill Bit Already on hand

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