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Smart Ideas Not To Lose Lost Car / Home Keys

One of the most critic things you might happen to have in your day is to lose your car or home keys. Such unexpected thing might occur to anyone of us but, problem is, when you realize you got your … Continue reading

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Tutorial 7 – MySQL Order By

Robert explains how to use the ORDER BY keyword to retrieve information from a MySQL.

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Tutorial 6 – MySQL Where

Robert explains how to use the WHERE clause to retrieve information from a MySQL.

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Tutorial 5 – MySQL Select

Robert explains how to select information from a MySQL and display the data to users.

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My First App In The App Store…

About 6 days ago I decided I was going to create an iPhone App in 24 hours or less and submit it to the Apple App store. My goal was to experience the full iOS app submission process. What I … Continue reading

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Parallax Selects My Project for Project of the Week

This afternoon I was on my way to visiting Parallax’s forum to respond to a post, and I happen to notice that on their homepage they had selected my project (Solar Charged Remote Controlled Electric Lawn Mower) as the Project … Continue reading

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My Black Friday Experience 2011

This year I decided to do most of my shopping online. I was lucky enough to grab the Westinghouse 42″ Class LED-LCD 1080p 120Hz HDTV, (1.54″ ultra-slim) LD-4258(for $339) before Walmart ran out of stock within an hour of posting … Continue reading

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Immortalize The Happiest Moments Of Your Life With Photosmithapp

The majority of professional and amateur photographers tend to use Adobe Lightroom to manage their photos. The Photosmithapp is the solution to their problem: this app enables users to easily clear photo backlogs from the desk, rapidly sort unwanted photos … Continue reading

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How To Add Your Music To The iTunes Store

General Overview What I will be explaining in this guide is how you can easily add your music to the iTunes Store as well as other online digital stores (iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, Amazon MP3, Napster, Verizon V-Cast, and more) One … Continue reading

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My First Solar iPad App

Some of you may know from my recent blog post that I have started learning how to develop iPad applications, or iOS applications depending on how you look at it. Well learning how to create iOS applications is great (and … Continue reading

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