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Amazing Gadgets To Find Your Keys With

There is nothing more stressful and annoying than having to search for your car or home keys you always seem to misplace somewhere. And when it happened while you are in a hurry to get somewhere important – isn’t this always the case? – you tend to get even more frustrated. Fortunately for you and other clumsy folks alike, you can now use a smart app that can save you the trouble of having to storm all around the house to find your precious keys and get on with your schedule. Whether you are using an Android or iPhone device, you could benefit from the perks of using one of the excellent gizmos on the market.


Get Hip With The HipKey!

The HipKey-and-app is an amazing combo that can immediately locate your lost keys and even your lost iPhone. What the app can do is send alerts using a 90dB alarm in case you are separated more than 50 meters by your keys or phone. So you can call this more of a prevention, security measure not to lose your keys or phone ever again. You can also enable the motion detector which will alert you about any movement of the phone or keys.


The Stickers You Definitely Need: Stick-N-Find Stickers

These Bluetooth-based stickers can be easily tied to a set of keys, helping you track them down with the help of an Aliens-style type of a radar app. With the help of the "Virtual Leash" option you can also receive alerts in case a sticker is to leave the area you have chosen. Both Android and iOS users can make use of this app that can be bought in a wide array of colors  and special built-in light and buzzers to that you can keep track of your keys even in a dim light.

And ig you find yourself in a real mess – having locked your keys inside your car or home, according to your smart apps – one of the smartest ideas is to get in touch with the guys at or some other trustworthy locksmith company around you. These fellows offer 24/7 emergency lockout services and they have nationwide coverage. They can unlock your car, home, or office or provide you with the key duplicate or lock rekey services you need at some of the most affordable rates on the market. The team of locksmiths working here consists of fully trained, experiences, bonded and insured professionals who can provide you with the services you need.

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