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Robert Smith discovered the wonders of online content at an early age. He started out while in middle school using free web services to create an online forum that served as a central location for all his video game team members could discuss important matters. As time progressed, he had moved away from free web services and learned more about online web hosting. During this time, Robert was still new to online web content, however, he had learned a large portion about portal systems such as PHP-Nuke. PHP-Nuke exposed Robert to the coding language PHP where he learned to edit and code basic php. and html. scripts.

After holding a CPanel based web hosting account for a year with HostGator, Robert became more comfortable with online web hosting and was asked by a friend to start their own web hosting company. Robert at the time did not know the hard work that would be needed to run such a company, but decided to see where that venture would take him. The hosting company’s name was decided to be HastyHost to indicate fast reliable servers. After a month of running HastyHost, Robert’s partner no longer showed interest, so it was up to Robert to keep the new company afloat.

While Robert ran HastyHost as a sole proprietor, he also created another website dedicated to his love for composing musicals on the piano. To help share his music with others, Robert produced videos of himself playing the piano, and used YouTube’s video network to expose his compositions with others.

Who Am I?

Video presented on August 19th, 2011

Three years later Robert continued to run his company but also took up a new project that would bring new successful points in his life. The summer of year 2009, Robert created a 63 watt solar panel from scratch and produced a series of videos to place on YouTube to explain his process of creating the solar panel. Many YouTube viewers and others around the world highly appreciated Robert for taking the time to share his gained knowledge about solar energy. Robert soon decided to create a website called, Green Tech Town, that was dedicated to his solar videos and other solar related projects.

After watching the trend of the web hosting industry, Robert made a wise choice to end the life of HastyHost and focus more on his studies and other technology projects. That lead to creating a website that served as a central location for all of Robert’s online projects and music compositions.

Robert continued to produce online video content throughout year 2009 and in year 2010 became a YouTube Partner.

During the summer of 2010, Robert decided to challenge himself with an innovative project. Robert decided to build a Solar Charged Remote Control Electric Lawn Mower (SCRCELM). His primary goal was to create a device that would not rely on gasoline, and would be enjoyable and simple to use. Robert also video documented his entire process for creating the SCRCELM, and utilized YouTube to share his knowledge with others around the world. Robert believed that the more people that he exposed to solar energy, the quicker the world would move toward using renewable energy for all the world’s energy needs. Robert completed building the SCRCELM in late November of 2011.

In November of 2010, Robert launched The PHP Basics (TPB). Robert enjoyed programming in the PHP language, so he decided to start a website that would teach others new to PHP some of the basic PHP fundamentals.

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