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Small & Large Projects

This photo gallery includes photos of school projects as well as small and large projects that I’ve done outside of school.

MTSU Robotics Team 2010

For the MTSU Robotics Team, I was the Head of Video Production, so one of my main tasks apart from helping with building the robot was documenting our process through video and photos. This photo gallery includes photos of the team and I working on the robot, and our trip to Florida where we competed at the NASA Lunar Robotics Competition.
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National Day of Service 2011

For an organization that I’ve interned with called INROADS, every summer interns have to select a place to volunteer. This year, 2011, we decided to volenteer at Second Harvest Food Bank. Our given task was to help separate and package plums for different events that may arise.

Solar Charged Remote Control Electric Lawn Mower 2011

For a personal project that soon turned into my college senior project, I built a Solar Charged Remote Control Electric Lawn Mower (SCRCELM). I also created several how-to videos explaining my process for creating the device here.

Flickr Gallery

The gallery below houses my more professional images from The main difference between the gallery below and the above galleries is the camera used to capture the scene. All my Flickr photos were captured using a Canon DSLR. To view more of my photos, visit

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