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Solar Tools (Beta) Requesting Feedback

Link To Solar Tools: For the solar tool that calculates how long you can run a device for 24/7, a complex formula was needed for that script, and Robert has taken into account for you any power losses you may have due to many factors. So that’s included in the calculation. Robert has also taken into account that your batteries should not be drained more than 20% in a given day. Thanks to a guy that goes by the name of SunKing has helped to provide a basic solution that will get you in the ball park of knowing how many watts you need to produce as well as amp hours. Again, this is relating to the first script Robert has written. In this video Robert is requesting feedback on a recent project he’s been working on. Depending on the feedback/ratings will determine if he continues to improve the scripts (solar tools) and add more tools in the future. If you like one of the solar tools, please rate, comment, and subscribe! If your city or country is not listed, please make a request by commenting.

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