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Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

If you are a big fan of Android phones and the name Samsung poses a great deal of interest to you, you are definitely going to find this Galaxy S4 review useful. If you already are the owner of an Android-running device, be it a phone or a tablet, you must be familiar with their versatility, especially if we are to discuss the matter of a smartphone. You can use not only to place calls or send text messages, but you can also use it to make HD pictures or recordings, watch movies or listen to music, play online games, make online payments, or manage your business.  


Highly Desirable Samsung Device – Top Features

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most anticipated smartphone that the Koreans for Samsung have yet created. It features the same size like its predecessor (5.38 x 2.75 x 0.31 inch) and hence it does not involve the handling of any extra heft or bulk when keeping the device in you palm.  The 5-inch touchscreen is a Super AMOLED full HD one that is capable of supporting mesmerizing photos and videos. Taking multiple exposure pictures and editing them to your own taste is going to create the most exquisite memories no matter where you are. The 1.9 kHz quad-core processor is going to enable you to do anything you want, and the 4G, NFC, and Bluetooth 4.0 connections will allow you to enjoy any type of connection you might have heard of.  

The phone only weighs 130 g and it has a 13MP rear camera which is much more powerful as compared to previous cameras. The phone is build better and it successful managed to create a better feel in the hand, as compared to its previous versions. You will notice the faux metal band on the phone, which is adding a touch of class to the device. Just make sure you don’t dent or crack it – as you can easily do so. The device has kept much of the design of the S3 version and the presence of the polycarbonate made chassis is one example. The battery cover hosts the slot for the microSD card and the removable battery. He screen spreads itself to the sides, which creates a narrower bezel and hence give birth to an impressive effect.

Intensive 3D Gaming With Samsung Galaxy S4

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