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My First Solar iPad App

Some of you may know from my recent blog post that I have started learning how to develop iPad applications, or iOS applications depending on how you look at it. Well learning how to create iOS applications is great (and sometimes really complicated), but my ultimate goal is to create an useful app that will be placed in the iTunes App Store. So the idea I came up with is, why not create an application that is based around solar energy? Within the application I would like to allow users to have the ability to calculate  popular asked questions such as the following:

-How many watts do I need to produce to power something for a certain amount of hours…?

-How long can I run this device off of a battery…?

-And more…

I will also include other great useful features as well. However, I do need some input from some of my solar and non-solar energy followers and YouTube subscribers. I need help building a list of questions that you think would be useful to include in the application. Basically, anything that would require you to pull out a calculator and is related to solar energy, I would like to include in the application. Simply leave a comment below, or contact me.

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