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How to play “Can you feel the love tonight” Full Tut. Part 4

Anytime in the video I said “E Sharp” I really meant “D sharp”. Sorry :) The quality was low on this video for some odd reason, as I just got a macbook and I guess it did not encode it with full quality, and I had to convert it to a different format when I edited it on my windows PC. I will have the rest of the parts up in a couple of days or sooner, so subscribe to my videos please! This is my first tutorial made, and the back of my head was in some of the scenes, so I do apologize for that, but I did call out most of the notes I played so hopefully it’s not a big deal. I learned this version of the lion king from a play along keyboard, and now it’s simply memorized in my mind. So I simply memorized where my hands should be or how they should move rather than what note/s to press, so sometimes I have to play it ahead of time to see what notes I’m actually playing which you will see in the video :) — To hear and see me play the full song go to this link:

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