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You may simply enjoy or make use of the videos I publish, or read the articles. And I'm happy that you do. I want also so give you a bit of encouragement that you may not have thought you might benefit from anyway.

The encouragement is simple. It's not meant to be self-centered or arrogant. But I happen to be doing something that anybody can do — just sharing what I know.

You may have noticed that I'm outgoing about what I love and learn, and part of the joy is sharing it. I'm not an instructor; I just like to share what I do and know on a for-what-it's-worth basis. If you know what I mean.


No Pedestals


Again, I have to repeat, the idea here is not self-aggrandisement; for the purposes of what I'm telling you now, I'm nothing special. Let me just ask you this: do you think the world would be somewhat better if most everybody just shared what they know for the rest of us — and far beyond file-sharing!

The principle is great, and, I'm just following the principle, using the Web and some fairly simple tools to show others what I have to offer — anybody in the world.

You see, if everyone was apt to do the same, and nobody was on a pedestal or high-horse, then we're finally all on equal footing. The world in that case would sharing openly together, learning from each other — all of it is the original promise of the Web, after all. I'm just living up in my own small way.


The Payoff for All


You see, the Web is one of humanity's greatest collective achievements — if not the first true example of cooperation at the global level. True, it's virtual, but, it's a start. It's a powerful start.

People complain that alongside sites like this one (meant to help) there are always in very few clicks sites that just want something from you (meant to harm). But that nearness of everything to everything else is part of its genius, the Web.

Even games like no deposit casinos at (which adults tend to love) are right alongside forms of online entertainment that tends to lure youngsters from their studies.

All I'm saying is, just take the effort to share what you know, and not be seduced by just consuming content. Do it for my sake!

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