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Why Use Mobile Web Apps For Affiliate Marketing

Here at Lemberg we specialized in a large diversity of state-of-the-art technological solutions for a wide array of clients with custom needs. One of our main areas of interest for a large number of businesses is represented by web mobile … Continue reading

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The first solar powered internet café in Africa

The idea of using the solar rays for machines and other devices is already pretty old. But the great thing is that up to a few years ago nobody had ever tried to put this in reality. Probably, because the … Continue reading

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Amazing Gadgets To Find Your Keys With

There is nothing more stressful and annoying than having to search for your car or home keys you always seem to misplace somewhere. And when it happened while you are in a hurry to get somewhere important – isn’t this … Continue reading

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How To Get The Most Out Of Mobile Games

With the advancement of technology, people are now using their mobile phones for almost everything including playing mobile casino games. The developments in technology also saw the emergence of great phones with amazing display capabilities and other top-notch features. The … Continue reading

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How Can Solar Panel reduce Energy Bills

If you are wondering how solar panels can help you reduce your energy bills besides protecting the environment, these next few liens should help you gain a better understanding of the process. Keep in mind that he actual costs and … Continue reading

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Tutorial 7 – MySQL Order By

Robert explains how to use the ORDER BY keyword to retrieve information from a MySQL.

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Tutorial 6 – MySQL Where

Robert explains how to use the WHERE clause to retrieve information from a MySQL.

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Tutorial 5 – MySQL Select

Robert explains how to select information from a MySQL and display the data to users.

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Boost The Efficiency Of Your Solar Energy System

Solar energy systems use renewable energy resources that protect the environment and keep it clean at all times. They hence represent the best alternatives to the classic energy sources we are all used to. Deciding to use solar power in … Continue reading

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Green Contest #33 Winner

Lobert selects a winner for green contest 33.

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